Growth Response and Carcass Evaluation of Broilers Fed with Varying Levels of Trichanthera gigantea Leaf Meal

Francisco F. Buctot Jr.


This study aimed to determine the growth performance and carcass characteristics of broilers fed with varying levels of Trichanthera gigantea leaf meal. The dietary treatments were assigned to experimental units in a randomized block design. Carcass evaluation was done to evaluate the general acceptability of the flesh and skin in terms of color. Result showed significant differences in average weight gain, feed consumption and feed efficiency of broilers fed with increasing level of incorporation of T. gigantea. Apparently, broilers given with T1 diet (commercial feeds) exhibit highest feed consumption, but diet with 15% T. gigantea leaf meal produced the highest weight gain resulting to excellent feed conversion efficiency (0.95) and high return above feed and chick cost (Php55.75). The acceptability rating for skin and flesh color is comparable for all treatment diets. The inclusion of T. gigantea promotes faster growth rate even at lower feed consumption.


average weight gain, carcass quality, feed consumption, feed efficiency

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